How to choose a Montessori school

Choosing a Montessori School

Sometimes it can be difficult to discern the quality of a Montessori program. Here are some helpful guidelines when considering a Montessori school.
Urban Garden Montessori Little Rock Montessori School music 

Here We Are!

A long-overdue update on Urban Garden's first year!

Main Street

We are moving into 610 Main Street, also known as the S.H. Kress and Company Building, named after the five and dime store that originally inhabited it.
Martial arts at Urban Garden Montessori

Martial Arts in Education

Martial Arts have been linked to education since the demilitarization of the arts began in the early 20th century.

The Question of Discipline

How does our role as educator change when a child misbehaves?  How can we nurture a child when we must impose discipline?

Putting Pencil to Paper

Many people may wonder why we teach cursive to children at this age. In the age of technology, isn’t cursive a bit antiquated? There are actually very practical reasons behind teaching cursive first.
Montessori Elementary

What's Different about Montessori?

Montessori said that without freedom the child cannot construct himself.  Allowing the child at every stage the freedom to choose constructive work that supports the work of that plane of development is key to his success.
Downtown Little Rock

Downtown Little Rock

When contemplating locations for Urban Garden Montessori, we considered primarily two very different locations: either downtown Little Rock or a large piece of land outside of the city.

A School Is Born

The birth story of Urban Garden Montessori is a tale that shows our roots run deep, even though our seedling has yet to burst through the ground.  Our school is first and foremost, already, a community garden. It does not belong to one person,  it is not tended to by one gardener,and most of all, it exists for the good of the whole community.  Little Rock is fertile ground for an urban Montessori school that has children growing their own organic vegetables, playing the cello, taking nature walks along the river, and delving deep and wide into that vast body of knowledge that makes up elementary, middle, and high school.