Guiding Principles

These values  guide our decision-making at Urban Garden Montessori, from our students to faculty and to our administrators and Board of Trustees.  We believe in holding everyone at the school to these standards, and using these principles as guide-posts in our daily lives together.


We will seek out the good in each person we encounter and respect the dignity of every human being.


We will respect and care for ourselves, nurturing our inner guides, our seeking minds, and our bodies.


We will act as a community, valuing cooperation over competition and caring for each other with compassion and empathy.


We will joyfully and continually seek knowledge and wisdom and work to support an environment that encourages independent learning.


We will be good stewards of the world around us, including our school, our community, and the earth.


We will take responsibility for what we say and do, acting always with integrity and honesty.

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