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We believe in the power of education to change lives and communities.  When we teach children, with love and compassion, to become productive citizens of the world, to think outside the box, to innovate, to care for the world around them, then we are able to change the world through education.  Montessori has a long track record of teaching students to become independent thinkers, igniting a passion for learning, and allowing students and educators the freedom to follow the child's interests and capabilities down a path of truly joyful learning.  We believe ALL students deserve this education, and that independent endowment-funded private education is the path to ensuring that true Montessori education is available to any student in our community.

Central Arkansas is in need of alternative education options for our children, especially at the middle and high school levels.      

Help us grow by donating below.  Donations will be used for establishing our school garden, purchasing musical instruments and other materials for the students, and funding the building of our natural playground.  Urban Garden Montessori seeks to establish an endowment fund, with the goal of offering financial assistance scholarships to at least 20% of its students in the next five years, making Montessori education available to all.  It is our ultimate goal to offer completely free education to all students through our endowment.

Urban Garden Montessori is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


For checks, please mail to 

Urban Garden Montessori
P.O. Box 250387
Little Rock, AR 72225
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