It all makes a difference! 

$180,000 provides tuition, fees, and a uniform allowance for a student to attend UGM through our endowment.

$150 purchases a collection of musical instruments from around the world for our music program.

$350 allows the school to purchase a student violin.  All instrument lessons and rentals are included in our tuition, so that cost is not a barrier for providing music education to our students.

$800 allows for the purchase of a student cello.

$22 supports the growing of one organic, non-gmo tomato plant through our school garden program.

$12,000 purchases all of the Montessori materials for one classroom.

$26 purchases one non-toxic child sized yoga mat.

$500 buys an iPad for a teacher to maintain student records and communicate with parents.

$500,000 allows us to begin our urban farming project on our building's rooftop.

To make your impact now, visit our donation page.