Urban Garden Montessori offers Summer Days, a unique garden-themed summer program for Urban Garden students and children in the community.  The program is from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and serves children ages 3 through 12. Students are registered in one-week blocks. Additional Summer Camps are also offered, which may be registered for in addition to or separately from Summer Days. 
Little Rock Summer Camp

Snacks will be provided. Students will be divided into three-year age groups for different parts of the day, to ensure all activities are developmentally appropriate.

Summer Days are filled with fun and educational time spent on weekly themes. To learn more about our Summer Days weekly themes and see newsletters from last year's program, read below.

Summer Camps led by our faculty are from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and are two weeks long. For more information about our 2016 Summer Camps click here

Registration for Summer Days 2016 has closed.  If you would like to register or change your registration, please contact the school as soon as possible at (501) 712-3185.  Because t-shirts and supplies have already been ordered for registered Campers, we cannot issue refunds after May 1st. 


Summer Days Week 1 - Sun and the Earth

Summer Days begin as we welcome sunny faces, make sun catchers, study the relationship between earth and our most precious star, make sun tea, and much more. As with all weekly theme units, our students will explore each theme through many different age-appropriate activities, materials, books, and projects.

Summer Days Snapshot - Week 1 Newsletter

Summer Days Week 2 - Water

During water week, students bring swimsuits and towels and prepare to get wet! From sprinklers on the playground to water experiments and art projects, it is sure to be a fun week. Can we make rain in the classroom? You'll have to wait and find out.
Downtown Little Rock Garden Camp

Summer Days Snapshot - Week 2 Newsletter

Summer Days Week 3 - Dirt

Earthworms and clay and mud, Dirt Week will be a blast! Don't count on clean fingernails, as our students dig in. Soil testing, composting, pottery, and building with dirt, we'll do it all.

Summer Days Snapshot - Week 3 Newsletter

Summer Days Week 4 - Seeds

Save those apple seeds and avocado cores, we are getting ready for seed exploration. Tasting, dissecting, gluing, and planting, it's all about seeds this week.

Summer Days Snapshot - Week 4 Newsletter

Summer Days Week 5 - Critters

No garden would be complete without some visitors - welcome and not. We too will have some special creature visitors at Summer Days this week.

Summer Days Snapshot - Week 5 Newsletter

Summer Days Week 6 - Plants

And what becomes of all of this gardening? Why plants of course! We will explore poems about trees and make art with leaves and check in on our very own seedlings.

Summer Days Snapshot - Week 6 Newsletter

Summer Days Week 7 - Food

Gardens contain lovely flowers and intriguing critters, but best of all, gardens can feed us. So in this 7th week, we will look at foods across the globe, try our hand at cooking, and do some fun edible experiments.

Summer Days Week 8 - Gardeners of the World

In our final week, we look inside, to cultivate the Gardener in us all. Not just the gardener who puts a seed in the ground and pulls crops at harvest, but the gardener who tends lovingly to the world. We will explore ways that we nurture, plant seeds of hope, and create the world around us.

Downtown Little Rock Summer Camps at Urban Garden Montessori